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Film Set

Movie and Series

Movies, Series ,Ad film sets are now moving towards becoming carbon neutral through our consultancy services. Find out more below.

Media Interview

Eco Politics

Young changemakers are joining politics and it has lead to us helping such changemakers make sustainability mainstream through their personal , constituency and policy efforts. Know more below.

Wedding Couple

Eco Wedding

Eco wedding of Dr. Binish and Yashvi has inspired us to do take up such events. Find out all about the most unique carbon negative eco shaadi as a case study for others to follow.

Eco Shaadi of Dr. Binish and Yashvi

The case study of how this is very unique than any eco wedding you might have attended or heard about. Our unique approach to the environment helps us create a special eco experience for the clients.


The clothes of the couple was locally sourced and simple which can be reused again at other occasions . The red shawl was groom's grandfather's and groom's red dupatta was converted into a kurti for the bride later. The safa for groom was rented.

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